Los premios convocados por AECA-WPSA en el 7th Mediterranean Poultry Summit - LVII Symposium Científico de Avicultura a las mejores comunicaciones científicas presentadas por jóvenes investigadores, que han sido patrocinados por British Poultry Science Journal han correspondido a los siguientes autores y trabajos.

 - Edoardo Fiorilla - Local italian poultry breed for alternative farming systems development
 - Antonio González Ariza - External and internal characteristics of eggs of different varieties of Utrerana avian breed compared to commercial laying lineages
 - Francesco Perini - Genetic characterization of indigenous chicken breeds of Italian North-central region
 - Alice Cartoni Mancinelli - Behaviour of Romagnola geese reared in different agroforestry systems
 - Marco Zampiga - Plasma and muscle metabolomics profiling of modern broiler chickens exposed to chronic heat stress
 - Javier Herrero Encinas - Effects of a short-term fasting period challenge to young broiler chickens on splenic immune gene expression
 - Ana Montalbán Pérez - Environmental impact of laying hen feeds using low impact alternative ingredients and insect inclusion
 - Araceli Orozco Mas - Influence of lysophospholipid content and metabolizable energy level in laying hen diets on performance and egg quality
 - Mihaela Saracila - Comparative study on using a dietary vegetable by-product (sea buckthorn meal) in broiler reared under thermoneutral conditions vs. high heat stress on the balance of intestinal microflora
 - Laura Lorenzo Rebenaque - Salmonella control in broiler production by microencapsulated bacteriophages feed added
 - Paula Albendea Pérez - Effects of dietary supplementation of olive pomace acid oil on TBA values, colour and sensory acceptance in poultry meat
 - Vasiliki Moulasioti - Antioxidant status, growth performance and meat quality in chickens raised under conventional and alternative commercial production systems
 - José Ignacio Salgado Pardo - Preliminary results of reproductive traits of the Andalusian turkey

La Asociación Española de Ciencia Avícola agradece la colaboración de British Poultry Science Journal en el patrocinio de estos premios y felicita a las personas premiadas por la calidad de sus trabajos.